Recounting 2017 by Enoch Ho


Recounting 2017, even though there were a lot of achievements and milestones, the overwhelming feeling is that of thankfulness. Especially to each one of you who have supported us, by placing trust in our products or following and liking our content, your support means the world to us. We’re also thankful to the organisations and individuals who have offered us invaluable opportunities, advices and support. To our fellow designers, working partners, and new friends we’ve made in the creative field, thank you for your camaraderie. And to those who have sent us private messages on your appreciation of our work, we’re so grateful for the encouraging words. Finally to our team, interns and volunteers, thank you for all the contributions that make it all possible. They say it takes a village to raise a child and Berayah is the child you’ve all helped raise, so thank you.

Though there may be ups and downs, we hope that you too had the opportunity to reflect upon 2017, and find the things to be thankful for. As we step into 2018, may we all vision well, and step forth courageously into the journey.

Our Instagram feed @berayah by Enoch Ho

Some tunes for you! by Enoch Ho

We came across this beautiful tune, "Lying to you" by Keaton Henson, heart-wrenchingly prying open the pains of a fading relationship.  No, it's got nothing to do with our clothes, but we just found it so beautiful and wanted to share with you all.

[Resources] Amazing video on how to start a fashion business by Enoch Ho

If you're a fashion student, graduate, designer or simply fashion lover, who's looking into starting their own business, we've stumbled upon this amazing video taught by Mercedes Gonzalez from Global Purchasing Group about how to start your own fashion business. It covers incredible insights on how the business end should be ran, and we sincerely hoped that someone had taught this at all fashion schools across the globe. 

Designers, spare an hour and 30minutes, watch this video and be prepared to take notes: 

Photobooth fun :) by Enoch Ho

Over this weekend we had our first ever event!  We sincerely appreciate those who came and showed support.  Here are selected photos from the photobooth we set up, which can also be seen on our Facebook Page.  Enjoy!

f/w.14 collection - pilgrimage of a poet by Enoch Ho

This has been a long time coming, but I'm proud to announce the launch of the 2nd collection - "pilgrimage of a poet".  The lookbook can now be found under the "collections" section of the website, or simply click here.

For the 2nd collection, I really wanted to go deeper, into exploring not just part-by-part Biblical story, but rather the journey that one goes through.  It is modelled after King David's journey that precedes and follows Psalm 51, and it is a journey that most people would tread through in some relative degree through their life.  So I split the collection into 3 Acts, and I'll briefly explain what each Act entails.

Act 1 talks about when we are in our youth, we act in a way that the world teaches us how to, thus putting forth a strong front, a prim and proper, well put-together exterior, almost like an armour.  We want to appear like we have it all together, flawless.  David in the times preceding Psalm 51, committed adultery with Bathsheba, his soldier Uriah's wife.  As a result, Bathsheba became pregnant and as an attempt to cover up his crime, David killed Uriah.  Like us in our youthful ways, we will cover our insecurities with a false exterior.

However, as life happens, we will enter into Act 2, when the tensions of life causes us to finally ask the tougher questions, and look into who we really are.  These times are like storms, confusing and often destructive, painfully tearing down false foundations and leaving us in a rubble.  The Prophet Nathan rebuked David of his actions, and the subsequent death of his and Bathsheba's child led David into a valley of darkness, a place of painful reflection.

Act 3 is the place after the storm, where whatever is shakeable has shaken off, and whatever is unshakable remains.  We now have a much clearer picture of who we are, and more importantly finding out what our true foundations are.  Upon the ruins, we rebuild our strengths based on our unshakeable foundations, and this strength in contrast with that of Act1, is rooted and assured.  Much like David, rising from the pits of despair and offering again His worship to God.

This collection came from a very deep place, and is very personal.  I hope by briefly explaining each Act, you're able to walk through this journey with me.  Ultimately, I hope that my art serves as a time and space for reflection for you, and by walking through this journey, you too are able to rise up from your ruins, and build something beautiful.

Stories of SS2014 - Night and Day by Enoch Ho

"There was evening, and there was morning - the first day."

A day in our traditional sense begins in the morning.  We rise from our sleep, as the sun rise upon us, and then we labour.  After a day's hard work, we commune and rest, as the sun rests from the horizon.  Day and night, day and night.

However, in the Jewish tradition, God first created night, and then day, and therefore the Jewish day begins at nightfall, and ends at nightfall the next day.  For the Jewish people, they begin their day in rest, and they labour and work from the foundation of having received rest.  The cycle of day is fundamentally different, but why is this significant? 

It is because God's design for the human life is different from how we now see it.  We work because we needed to produce, and we rest because we're tired from our labour.  However, God wanted His people to begin in rest, and truly rest upon the fact that He had already worked and set things in motion.  The mindset of rest and work is therefore flipped upside down.  We rest because we can rely on God's work, and we work knowing He has laid down it's foundation.

We were never meant to work out of a need to produce, and never meant to rest out of sheer exhaustion.  God in His love for mankind created night, and then day, so that His people would rest out of assurance, and work upon His establishment.  This order of rest-work is also mirrored later in the story of creation, when Adam, the first man, was created on the 6th day.  Adam was created at the end of God's labour, so that he may enter into life on the 7th day, Sabbath (rest).

What would your life look like, if your day began in rest?

"Night and Day", shop this look and other SS2014 outfits at

"Night and Day", shop this look and other SS2014 outfits at

Stories of SS2014 - Light by Enoch Ho



Light gives sight where darkness hides.  It not only brings to light what is hidden, but it gives life upon all that is under it.  Light is the absence of darkness; darkness is the absence of light.

We all have darkness in our lives, darkness that brings fear, harbours hurt, covers shame and cripples sight.  It is a cold, lifeless place.  In these dark areas, a sudden presence of light may cause great struggle and discomfort, but it will also bring forth the healing and breathe life into these desperate areas.

Where is your darkness?  And where is your light?

Berayah @ Caelestis 2014 Charity Fashion Show by Enoch Ho

We were proud to be sponsors of the Caelestis 2014 charity fashion show, organised by local students from various high schools, supporting the Hong Kong charity organisation Mother's Choice.

Mother's Choice is one of the best organisations in Hong Kong, in their own words, "Mother's Choice is a grassroots non-profit organisation that provides and promotes loving, nurturing care for babies and children needing permanent homes, and for single girls and their family facing crisis pregnancies."  Although that's the short version, they do so much more.  That's why we were quick to jump onto this project, especially when it's proposed and ran by students.

The students did a fantastic job putting together the show, featuring many other designer labels and jewellery brands.  Below are some of our favourite photos featuring Berayah Spring/Summer 2014 outfits!

Model: Caitlin | Photography: SH Design House

Model: Caitlin | Photography: SH Design House

Model: Sille | Photography: Milani

Model: Sille | Photography: Milani

Models: Lianne & Natalya | Photography: Jasmine Yu

Models: Lianne & Natalya | Photography: Jasmine Yu

Model: Kayla | Photography: Kasia Cheng

Model: Kayla | Photography: Kasia Cheng

Model: Bhumika | Photography: Kelvin Lee

Model: Bhumika | Photography: Kelvin Lee

For more photos of the event, visit the Caelestis 2014 Facebook Page at

Stories of SS2014 - Over the Surface by Enoch Ho

The little black dress, the immortal must-have piece in your wardrobe.  We've decided to do our version by treading a fine line between classic elegance and modern sensibility, using unique geometric cutting such as an elongated armhole, a beautiful drop back, and yes, pockets.

Graceful and effortless with a touch of flair, this is the perfectly versatile dress.  Throw on a jacket for a classy office look, or put on a nice necklace for a playful cocktail look.

Check out more photos of this style, and other beautiful spring looks at

Stories of SS2014 - Heavens and Earth by Enoch Ho


Presence of absence

A vacuum in suspense



A spoken Word

The yearn of the Immortal

Desire birthing reality


Chaos slowly finds order

Colours and dimensions woven into existence

All in unison with the One


We are senses

Earth is our experience

Forms, textures, scent


We are souls

Heaven is our dwelling

Faith, hope, love


Like a morning mist

Heaven drapes upon the Earth

Invisible, inseparable

[Video] Berayah x VeryHK Street Fashion Show by Enoch Ho

VeryHK Street Fashion Show

A short while ago, we partnered with VeryHK for a street fashion show held at Moon Street in Wanchai.  It was a great opportunity for us to exhibit the collection live for the first time, and are so thankful for all who are involved.

Here's a short video that our friend Warren Ng put together of the show, so if you missed out on being there that day, check out some of the footage!

Life of a designer - videoshooting! by Enoch Ho

A shot of someone, shooting someone, shooting someone else

A shot of someone, shooting someone, shooting someone else

Life of a designer is sometimes severely imbalanced.  Currently I'm in the process of designing our second collection, and whilst normally these times call for a period of isolation, it seldom happens that way.  Like this time, the brilliantly talented folks from Marc.Two Visuals came up to me with an idea to shoot a fashion short film, well who says no to that?

So amidst being in isolation mode, this is absolutely worth taking a day out of my personal cave to participate in.  I just wanted to personally, and on behalf of Berayah (whatever this means) thank the friends of Marc Two, Susanna, Jean-Baptiste and Polina for making this happen.

Love the fact that creative people can get together and drum up something beautiful, and I cannot wait to see the end result of this film.  Will keep all of you posted!