Berayah @ Caelestis 2014 Charity Fashion Show by Enoch Ho

We were proud to be sponsors of the Caelestis 2014 charity fashion show, organised by local students from various high schools, supporting the Hong Kong charity organisation Mother's Choice.

Mother's Choice is one of the best organisations in Hong Kong, in their own words, "Mother's Choice is a grassroots non-profit organisation that provides and promotes loving, nurturing care for babies and children needing permanent homes, and for single girls and their family facing crisis pregnancies."  Although that's the short version, they do so much more.  That's why we were quick to jump onto this project, especially when it's proposed and ran by students.

The students did a fantastic job putting together the show, featuring many other designer labels and jewellery brands.  Below are some of our favourite photos featuring Berayah Spring/Summer 2014 outfits!

Model: Caitlin | Photography: SH Design House

Model: Caitlin | Photography: SH Design House

Model: Sille | Photography: Milani

Model: Sille | Photography: Milani

Models: Lianne & Natalya | Photography: Jasmine Yu

Models: Lianne & Natalya | Photography: Jasmine Yu

Model: Kayla | Photography: Kasia Cheng

Model: Kayla | Photography: Kasia Cheng

Model: Bhumika | Photography: Kelvin Lee

Model: Bhumika | Photography: Kelvin Lee

For more photos of the event, visit the Caelestis 2014 Facebook Page at

Stories of SS2014 - Over the Surface by Enoch Ho

The little black dress, the immortal must-have piece in your wardrobe.  We've decided to do our version by treading a fine line between classic elegance and modern sensibility, using unique geometric cutting such as an elongated armhole, a beautiful drop back, and yes, pockets.

Graceful and effortless with a touch of flair, this is the perfectly versatile dress.  Throw on a jacket for a classy office look, or put on a nice necklace for a playful cocktail look.

Check out more photos of this style, and other beautiful spring looks at

Stories of SS2014 - Heavens and Earth by Enoch Ho


Presence of absence

A vacuum in suspense



A spoken Word

The yearn of the Immortal

Desire birthing reality


Chaos slowly finds order

Colours and dimensions woven into existence

All in unison with the One


We are senses

Earth is our experience

Forms, textures, scent


We are souls

Heaven is our dwelling

Faith, hope, love


Like a morning mist

Heaven drapes upon the Earth

Invisible, inseparable

[Video] Berayah x VeryHK Street Fashion Show by Enoch Ho

VeryHK Street Fashion Show

A short while ago, we partnered with VeryHK for a street fashion show held at Moon Street in Wanchai.  It was a great opportunity for us to exhibit the collection live for the first time, and are so thankful for all who are involved.

Here's a short video that our friend Warren Ng put together of the show, so if you missed out on being there that day, check out some of the footage!

Life of a designer - videoshooting! by Enoch Ho

A shot of someone, shooting someone, shooting someone else

A shot of someone, shooting someone, shooting someone else

Life of a designer is sometimes severely imbalanced.  Currently I'm in the process of designing our second collection, and whilst normally these times call for a period of isolation, it seldom happens that way.  Like this time, the brilliantly talented folks from Marc.Two Visuals came up to me with an idea to shoot a fashion short film, well who says no to that?

So amidst being in isolation mode, this is absolutely worth taking a day out of my personal cave to participate in.  I just wanted to personally, and on behalf of Berayah (whatever this means) thank the friends of Marc Two, Susanna, Jean-Baptiste and Polina for making this happen.

Love the fact that creative people can get together and drum up something beautiful, and I cannot wait to see the end result of this film.  Will keep all of you posted!

Inspiring Artists - Miriam Böhm by Enoch Ho

Image from  Wentrup Gallery

Image from Wentrup Gallery

I first came across the work of Miriam Böhm from attending Art Basel several months ago.  What struck first was the beautiful geometric composition, how clean shapes and lines compose each rectangular frame.  Then I paid attention to the juxtaposition between 2D and 3D objects, one intertwining and overlaying upon another, creating an immense depth to each piece.  The most interesting part is the engagement of the mind, how one is invited to peel off layer by layer, almost figuring out the artist's construction in reverse.

Image from  Wentrup Gallery

Image from Wentrup Gallery

Love how at any moment you're deciphering whether something is or was 3-Dimensional at what point, and how something in 2-Dimension can have more depth than it's length and width. 

Check out more of Miriam Böhm's work at the Wentrup Gallery site.

Admire, inspire, transpire.

The first inkling of Winter by Enoch Ho


It's official.  The little red cups of Starbucks are triumphantly announcing the beginning of Winter.  The weather in Hong Kong isn't even cold, but I'm already ready to stay warm.  With my first Toffeenut Latte of the season, here's to a wonderful Christmas season.  May all of your coffee shop inspirations find ground, and may all your lattes be merry.


New Project Brewing... by Enoch Ho



In the fashion world, there are times when you are working frantically tirelessly endlessly, and then there are times when the waves of the seas are a little calmer.  Thankfully this is one of those times.  However it doesn't mean we're resting on our laurels, it only means there's time to work on side projects! 

In our case, here's a sneak preview of a little something we're working on...

Work hard, rest well, dream big.