Tote Bags

We have designed two unique minimalistic styles of tote bags that solves basic ergonomic issues




Our NOTCH bag is birthed out of a simple idea, that you should be able to wear a tote bag with one hand. 

The notch at the middle of the bag effectively increases the distance between the bag and the strap, allowing enough room for a forearm to pass through. This means that one can pick up the bag at its straps, swing it through the forearm, and effortlessly rest it on their shoulder in one fell swoop, without requiring assistance from the other hand.

The NOTCH bag is also equipped with an outside pocket for easy access, as well as an inside pocket and snap button closure for security. The bag is fully lined and can fit up to a 15” laptop, making it perfect for going about town or bring to a work session at the cafe.

Photo 25-9-2016, 11 26 58 AM.jpg



Our DIAGONAL bag has one simple concept: easy access

Traditionally tote bags are perpendicular, and when you wear one, the opening width is equal towards the front and back of your arm, which is inefficient. By tilting the bag forwards, we place the opening solely towards the front of your arm, allowing the wearer to access the contents of the bag, without removing it off of their shoulder. The buckle on the straps also work as a lever system, allowing the wearer to drop the bag further by lengthening one strap for even more access.

The DIAGONAL bag is fully lined, has an inside pocket and a snap button closure for security. The bag can fit up to a 15” laptop, and its unique shape is a perfect companion to a minimal outfit.